Le Quai des Oubliés (The Forgotten of the Platform)

Production 2010

Direction :
Choreography : Violeta Todo-Gonzalez
Staging /dance (current distribution) : Violeta Todo-Gonzalez, Zina, Florent Hamon
Musical performance : Revaz Matchabeli (cello)
Stage manager : Philippe Cottais
Sound manager : Philippe Tivillier
Light manager : Ronan Cabon
Litle train manager : Igor

Produced by : Théâtre Dromesko
Co-producted : Centre Culturel de Cesson Sévigné

On a train station platform, a few delayed travelers watch the nonstop trains as they pass. The travelers have their suitcases in hand. We spot them alongside the steel tracks running parallel. In their wait, they’re brought together. They exchange vague comments that are smashed to bits by the mechanic bellows of the crazy locomotives being followed by phantom wagons. One after the other the travelling machines charge down like a train from hell; narrowly missing the travelers on the platform; rumbling along as if they never existed; abandoning them in the silence come back again. The travelers are immobile, lost in the eye of this railway hurricane.
The time passing, the time helping, despite everything, to liven them up little by little, breathing on their concrete island, coming out of their shells. Their suitcases now find themselves reassured, so they open up and let little nothings escape; objects from company that will never leave them. A mirror, a pen, some feathers, a toothbrush, a cello…
They have taken root on this bit of platform and there, they play their hearts out. Maybe they arrived here without knowing it. The waltz of trains no longer concerns them. The rails running parallel are infinitely coming together. It’s not important; they are already so far away.

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